Monday, 7 May 2012

Ten Things About Me

Hello, all!

So, as anyone who's seen the post below knows, I am part of a contest called The Writer's Voice. This contest is awesome, not just because of the opportunity we have to work with some pretty awesome coaches and get exposed to some lovely lovely agents, but because of the amazing people I've met on Twitter via the hashtag #TheWritersVoice. Never have I been in an online community of any sort with so much love and support and absolutely no hate. It's incredible.

Among those people is Kelsey, from Kelsey Is Writing. Kelsey has bestowed upon me an awesome blogging award: The Kreativ Blogger award!

Now, as my price for this award, I have to give you 10 facts about me! Hmm...

1. I am still in my teens! Hopefully this means many years of writing ahead of me.
2. Everything I write starts out as a fantasy or mystery and turns into a thriller. I just really like the gruesome deaths and psychological torture, okay?
3. I wrote Mad As A Hatter when I was 14. That was the first draft, of course, and it's evolved a LOT since then, but that was its first milestone! Oh, my little novel baby, all full of murder and torture and creepiness... mama is so proud.
4. My current WIP is a project called Sherlockettes, which is a modern-day Sherlock Holmes adaptation starring two teenage girls, Veronika Metzger and Sophie Tremblay. The girls investigate a series of attacks on their classmates while dealing with the social hierarchy of the privileged world they live in. Veronika, a wealthy heiress with all the money and social status she could ever dream of, wants nothing to do with the steep social politics of the city of Westmount. Sophie, a scholarship girl who wants to develop a cure to schizophrenia, can never have that kind of social standing and respect, but desperately wants it... They fight crime! 
5. I drink a ridiculous amount of tea. Ridiculous, I tell you!
6. I am a proud Canadian. Long live the true north, strong and free!
7. When I'm emailing/texting/tweeting, I use ALL CAPS FOR EMPHASIS so often it's embarrassing.
8. I owe all my writing to my amazing support circle, both on and off the internet. Having people tell you, "I hate reading, but for your book I will make an exception" is strangely encouraging!
9. I live on a Caribbean island. My school is across the street from the beach.
10. I have travelled a lot! I've been to 20 states, 4 provinces, England, Scotland, France, Belgium, Italy, Mexico, Turks & Caicos, and my island.


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